B SIDES adopts a model of business oriented to ensure and promote environmentally sustainable behavior, in consideration of the rights of future generations.

Therefore it’s engaged:

  • to raise awareness of the staff, business partner & clients on environmental issues;
  • to manage production activities to minimize environmental impacts, direct and indirect, and to adopt a preventive approach in terms of environmental impact;
  • to promote the development and diffusion of eco-efficient technologies;
  • to define specific environmental targets and improvement programs aimed at minimizing environmental impact;
  • to raise awareness and train staff so that they are aware of the environmental issues and impact associated with their activities, and are committed to working in an environmentally friendly system, contributing to the achievement of business objectives.


Our merino wool suppliers comb their fibers exclusively in Italy. The wool arrives in Italy in the grease state and is combed in the plant of a partner mill or in another Biella mill, respecting very strict water discharge regulations (not observed nor enforced in Romania or in China where the majority of the world’s wool is combed). The combing mills are provided with the most modern water depuration equipment and control systems to ensure none of the soaps used to extract lanolin are discharged in the rivers.


The dyeing operation is exclusively carried out in Italy by very strict and reliable suppliers whose standards of environment conditions and people’s welfare are perfectly aligned with the Italian and European standards and regulations.


Water is used only to humidify the spinning environment and the yarns.


The traditional spinning method does not imply any significant discharging into the environment. The dust-control systems on the air recycled into the working area and outside are tight and continuous. Italian Tessile e Salute (Textiles and Health) guarantees the control of the production aids.


Together with our suppliers we support new Environmental Sustainability projects for the animal welfare.

In particular:

  • For wool: Sustainability Animal Welfare SustainaWOOL Integrity Scheme

  • Wool exclusively grown on Australian farms certified to comply the standards of the NWD Integrity program for the care and welfare of sheep. The wool purchased by our suppliers is exclusively NM (No Mulesed – harm of any kind to an animal) / CM / PR, since 2013.

  • For alpaca: PACOMARCA Sustainable Alpaca Network project.